Are you looking to bring intricate detail and simplicity to applique design and application processes? Then our Neon HTV can truly deliver. Manufactured from a thin polyurethane film, this heat transfer vinyl with adhesive backing is lightweight in composition. This thin construction means the material is easier to work with, does not add excessive extra weight to finished pieces, and is resistant to bunching or wrinkling during the application, which can be an issue with some heavier heat transfer materials.

Cutting fine details and sharp turns in the vinyl are easy, and weeding the unused vinyl after the heated application is just as simple. our Neon htv makes it possible to create everything from basic block lettering to more intricate patterns to coincide with your design ideas. From bold and broad numbers for sports jerseys to small logos, the composition and versatility of the material can cater to just about any design demand.

Neon HTV is versatile enough for use on polyester, cotton, cotton/polyester blends, and even Lycra fabrics. Simply cut designs through the dull side of the vinyl which is the adhesive, weed the excess, and position the cut piece onto the fabric for application. 

Neon HTV 15" Yard

$15.00 Regular Price
$10.50Sale Price
  • Heat your press to 305 Degrees, pre press the garment to get the moisture out and then press the transfer on your garment for 8-15 seconds with medium pressure and peel the carrier off while cold