Silicone htv looks and Feels like a NIKE logo, is one of the most unique heat transfer products in the industry. Although it works very similarly to heat transfer vinyl, it’s made of silicone—and that gives it several unique properties. Just like heat transfer vinyl, this product cuts and weeds easily, and you’ll apply it to fabric using a heat press. It is stretchable with good recovery, so unlike vinyl, it won’t crack when stretched, making it perfect for athletic wear. Another unique property is that it blocks dye migration, so you won’t have any issues with colors blending where they shouldn’t.

At 170 microns thick,  Silicone is at the thicker end of the range, which gives finished designs a lot of depth. It features a matte finish, too, which lets you create designs with a high-end look and feel. You can purchase Silicone htv in 4 colors to suit your design needs.


Silicone HTV 20" Yard

  • Heat your press to 305 Degrees, pre press the garment to get the moisture out and then press the transfer on your garment for 8-10 seconds with medium pressure and peel the carrier off while cold